Ahoy there!

Welcome to S. Talese Shertzer’s electronic portfolio.

Consider this fair warning: you have reached the portfolio of a pillaging pirate of the choppy high seas of punctuation; the web résumé of a wizard with writing, a witch with words; the editing exposé of an enthusiastic etymologist; and the hearth of a humble herald of homonyms, hyperbole, and heuristics. Welcome aboard.

Through this site you may peruse some aspects of my professional and personal life:

To bite off a bit of my past, please feel free to explore my not-so-brief bio;
To review my résumé, please reel your attention in here;
To associate yourself with some of my academic action, please click here;
To peruse the writing project management work I did while enrolled at SDSU, please click here;
To explore my exploits in narrative editing, please engage yourself here;
To get a gander of the grant writing I did while enrolled at SDSU, please gallop on over here;

Looking for something less chatty? Please click here for streamlined access to the above documents.

I am much obliged to you for stopping by.
May you always have fair winds at your back and a following sea beneath your ship,

Talese Shertzer

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